Monday, October 26, 2009

Sabino Canyon Hike
Pure relaxation for us lately, we finally got a few days off work together and we know we should start some more house projects, but we just look at each other and say we will start another day. Saturday was awesome, I got off work early just in time to do the shoot out and made it around unassisted for the first time. Sunday was a ride up Mt Lemmon and then an evening hike up the phone line trail. Our final race of the season will be Tour de Tucson in a couple weeks. Also found out we are due to leave the desert around April. Not sure where yet but we are putting Germany, Italy, Hawaii, Colorado and California on our list, that means we will probably get some shithole.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Higher pain tollerance = MOAB
Check out the video below for an idea of what a 24 hour race is, I felt just like Josh my last two laps with no one to cry to because I was unsupported and he did 5 more laps then I did.

Finally feeling more then lively as Kevin and I went out for an awesome ride today around Rancho Vistoso. My pain tollerance seems to be even higher after putting myself through a 24 hour race. The race has come and gone and for a personal accomplishment I have learned so much. I might actually train for this next year with the following left fresh in my mind:

1. A support crew is a must, I had a table set up with bottles and food and just grabbed stuff when I came in, never sitting except to put on my knee warmers. (No one to warm my shammy butter...Sue)

2. Riding at night before a 24 hour race is crucial. I put my lights on all wrong and they were hitting my fork it was pretty funny. The last time I did a night ride was with Sue during our duo race a couple years ago. I had to walk almost 5 miles of the course at night because I was not comfortable riding slick rock. Walking a marathon in sidi bike shoes is not fun.

3. Absolutely do not wear the same shorts the whole time. I was thinking the more shammy butter caked in my shorts the better, not! My butt is still healing.

Overall it was the most awesome experience, moab was true mountain biking, it tested your skills when you least expected it. I was so thankful to not have a bad accident, with almost a crash every lap, with a very good endo into a sand pit that a bunch of people witnessed.

I think I might be hooked on the endurance racing, with next year in WV! We will see!

Monday, October 19, 2009

What a kick-ass trip! We got back last night at about 1 am, almost 16 hrs of driving time. Truckee was beautiful and the weather was perfect. Chloe pulled off another national title in the XC and got 2nd in the STXC. I had a good race and was able to pull off a 10th, I was pretty happy with that considering the altitude and the amount of climbing on the course, it was definitely hard. I also managed to go down pretty hard about halfway through the race and break my right pinky finger, check out the xray below. The good news is it broke between the joints and didn't move much so the doc says I shouldn't need surgery.

It's been pretty crazy lately with racing, work and school. It took tons of work training over the last couple months getting ready for the race but I'm so glad I did it, that's it for collegiate racing for me! Time to start up again on the house remodeling. I'll post more pics as I get them.

Spring, where's the Moab update? Now that you're famous you've got to keep your fans updated.

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Spring ragin Moab!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Good news...and bad news!
Kevin and I were laughing earlier this week because I was at work and told him I had some bad news...He thought, oh no, what happened, who died, what's wrong...I told him I had to work 12 hour shifts all week. He told me you never start out a sentence like that unless something is really wrong. Anyways, Kevin is racing Collegiate Nationals right now in Truckee Ca, he told me on the phone yesterday he has some bad news, and we giggle because we have been doing this all week, he said that he broke his pinky finger on the second lap of the race on a rooted section, good news is he finished the race and placed 10th. The other good news is it was already a crooked finger, and he is fine.
I did my first ride today since the 24 hour race, the shootout of course, I love easing into things, my butt still hurt but I felt pretty strong. I needed to excercise after a week long of sitting on my butt and devouring everything in site. Thanks for all the support more pics and updates once Kevin gets back.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Spring can't walk but she just got 3rd at the 24 Hour Woman's Solo National Championships!

Monday, October 05, 2009

A great weekend at the Tour of the White Mountains
Todd Sadow put on another amazing race this year at the White Mountains. We both had a blast this weekend, with Kevin kicking butt with a 3rd in a competitive mens open field. I finally scored a Win with some really fast girls and actually got to battle the second place girl almost the whole time, really pushing me hard. I finally felt good for the entire 65 miles.

Our bikes ran perfect thanks to our most awesome bike mechanic Chris Kroto who also finished the 65 miler with the best hair of the day.

My good friend Kim got first in the 15 miler, awesome!

Rob and Kim having fun at the race.

The dork brothers, Joey and Kevin hit the same exact tree to leave a blood brother mark on their arm. Joey also gave me a monster pull up to a group of guys so I could draft them, it was awesome.
Kevin, Tim and his wife chilling after the race with the recommended recovery supplement, beer!
TJ with the win for the mens open and Chloe monster hanging out.

I decided to go do Tour de Scottsdale the next day for training for the 24 hour solo race this next weekend. 70 miles of pure suffering. Although my teammate Heidi and I sprinted for 2nd and 3rd and won $750, the most money ever. I am really thinking of retiring early with all this prize money. Finishing out the weekend with 135 miles I am ready for Moab, I think........

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Finally Cooling down in Tucson!
A good group of guys met this morning for an easy mountain bike ride. I got to see them for a minute and turned off with Kevin to rest up for Tour of the White Mountains this weekend. Should be perfect weather. Then I am going to head to Phoenix for Tour of Scottsdale. Another big weekend in the books before next weekend, I decided to do the 24 hour Solo Championships in Moab Ut. Crazy, I no. It will be purely for fun, I don't even have any support because Kevin will be racing in Phoenix that weekend. I swore I would never do Solo again after my first attempt in 2002, and for some reason after 8 years, it really sounds fun.
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