Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sunrise this morning
I am adjusting back to nights for work so I got to see the sunrise. On a clear day you can see the other islands from the hill by our house. Unfortanetly it was too cloudy this morning, but still spectacular.
Mini triathlon - 3 hour paddle, 2 hour mountain bike, 2 hour nap
Christina and I took our boats out on the North shore, we paddled down to Waimea Bay, it was a perfect day. We saw 3 turtles, flying fish, and a stingray jump 5 feet out of the water and land. Amazing Day.

Lizard that lives at Christina's
Then we hit some sweet single track Christina's been working on, the trail is called Jungle which lives up to its name.

Paradise in our own back yard

Another bunch of banana's almost ready
This little black beetle loves to eat all the leafs
Awesome weekend with Kevin

Fruit trees at night
We had the traditional BBQ with friends and neighbors, after our awesome day of sailing with Steve and Christina. My brother Tav and his friend Alyson.
Ira, Kevin, Zach and his wife
Our neighbor Buffy and kids roasting marshmallows
Cute couple
I love the Haliewa farmers market
I am getting my own chickens soon.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Night the yard

Big toads live in the banana leaves on the ground
Gecko hiding on the lemon tree
Baby frogs like the water

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Between 12 hours mids and being a flt commander, I have very little time, so I try to make the most of every other weekend. Even though I have no time to train, I enter these races with absolutely no expectation but to have fun. FREEDOM FEST at the ranch was amazing.
A great crowd here in hawaii, alot of good prizes for a non profit race that all proceeds went towards Red cross and American cancer society. I met the coolest people.

Alot of people just camped over night because the Mtn bike race was on Sat and the Off road Tri was on Sunday.
To top off the amazing weekend, I won the tri race, and now consider myself a Tri-dork. I forgot how fun trialthlons are, it has been about 5 years since I have done one, but it really pushes you to see what you got. I got second in the Mtb race, my rear brake went out during the race and it was scetchy, muddy, recked 10 times, just glad I survived.

Amazing landscape pics from, Colin an awesome photographer.
Next weekend I plan on doing the pineapple road race, we will see how far this non training will get me. Should be fun!
Oh, and can you believe the views I have to deal with, yuck! :)
Kevin gets here on the 23rd of July can't wait!