Monday, May 30, 2011

Island life is amazing
I love long weekends. It included 2 long rides with friends, a swim with a turtle, surfing 3-5 ft, a hike above my house camp timberline, and awesome chilling at the house with my brother, coco, and the chicks.

Looking out West from trail above house.

Looking at our house and towards Diamond Head. I can't believe we have a whole trail system above the house that I have not used.

My poor hawaiian dog has it so ruff ruff.

A purple plant I got for my mom.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Short Grand Canyon & Flagstaff getaway with Kevin
Even though we both can't walk as I leave Kevin and arrive back in Oahu we had a blast together. We hiked horseshoe mesa in the Grand Canyon 14 miles total to our luxory camp spot with no one in site. We also rode one day in the snow our first day in Flagstaff, and our last day in Flagstaff we got 3 hourse of primo single track riding. Arizona is awesome! We already have three more trips planned with Idaho in July and Kevin out to Hawaii in Sep & Nov. Life is pretty sweet even though we have to live apart, I fall in love again every time I see him.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

So we finally got chickens...
And they think Coco is the mom, they burrow in her fur, and she let's them.

We got two that are 1/2 crested polish and 1/2 concran, and two that are silkie chics

Now with a garden, fruit trees, chickens and coco...too bad I have to work.

I got the Chicken coop and chickens all local.

She is the best dog ever, hopefully she doesn't eat one.