Tuesday, December 18, 2012

7 1/2 months - Poland visit with 24 Afghans
Finally after 7 months, Kevin flew out to see me in Poland.  It was amazing to see each other.  Less then 3-weeks we meet up again in New Zealand for hiking and lots of fun.  When I return to Afghanistan I will only have 3-months until I return to the states.

 Dude on a wire in Bydgoszcz, Poland
 In a mansion in Poland with 24 Afghans that I was escorting to Military Training.

 Baltic Sea in Gdansk Northern part of Poland

 Down town Gdansk

 Statue behind our hotel in Bydgoszcz, right by our favorite restaurant.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You 2 Love Birds are way too awesome!!! Thanks for the post:) I love you Dear Daughter . . . and the count down is on . . . yippy! Is that Dude on the wire a statue or a real Dude???

7:48 PM  

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