Friday, April 29, 2011

Never too many Apple banana's
A little start to my weekend with today off. I went running up Tantulus with Coco while my brother Tav took pictures, then to diamond head beach, watched the sun set, and then finished up with awesome Tai food. I hope this weekend is as sweet. Tav taught me how to use Manual for my camera and it finally clicked, I realized I didn't even know the basics. I hope my pictures get a little better in the future. He is the most awesome photographer if you ever need pictures taken, he has taught me so much. Tavis Glover, Ipox Studios

Hanging out on the banana trees in the yard

My running partner

My new favorite, ground bison with taro chips

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Kevin's short visit home!
He met Coco for the first time.
Traditional BBQ at the house
Heather took this of Coco, Avery and I.
My support crew during the Tantulus hill climb and Austin who is taking the picture, they helped me out big time with a big day of cycling and paddling racing.
Going up Tantulus, one of my favorite hills to climb
Finishing the boat race right after the hill climb

Turtle on the North shore
This day is when I fell in love with Kevin and Coco Nut all over again