Monday, March 31, 2008

This is Cadence Mitchell Peterson, our good friends Kristy and Jesse's new one. Congratulations you guys!!!!! Break out the baby joggers and bike trailers!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Got some good fishing in this weekend with Craig. We caught alittle bit of everthing, crappy, bass, catfish and a few unknowns. This is the first fish I caught so I thought I'd take a picture. We had been fishing a few hours when Craig said, hey you've got a hit on the big pole. We had one big pole that had heavy line and a big hook that we had been fishing on the bottom trying to land a big cat. I grabbed the pole and started reeling, the pole bent and I could hear the drag. I could feel it fighting and I knew that it was going to be huge. I kept trying to reel it in but it put up a good fight. Craig started pulling the line in a few feet at a time and I would reel as he did. We where about 10 mins into pulling it in and it started to get tired. Craig was able to pull a few more feet at a time, we where super excited because it was almost in. Finally we get it to the surface and it's our anchor! Classic! It was definitely the funniest thing I'd ever seen on a fishing trip, if only we had got it on video!
This is my buddy Craig from Indiana, he's always wired. If you didn't know him you might think he was smoking crack!!

Just before sunrise.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter & Happy Spring

My mom is going to kill me but this is the card I sent her this year, this is her at Hanauma Bay in Hawaii. Too funny! I missed the shoot out this morning because it switched to 6:45 and I showed up at 7:00, I raced last weekend so I never heard of it switching but I heard there was around 25o people. I rode Rancho Vistoso loop, it was beautiful. Spring time is the perfect season, I guess I am glad my mom named me that over the other seasons. I got put on the Air Force Cycling team to do RAGBRAI this year, it is a 7 day ride across Iowa and we wear Air Force jerseys and talk to people along the way about the Air Force. I really need a job like this. Should be fun!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Gardner Canyon/Kentucky Camp Mountain Bike Race

Moving up with a 2nd this race, I felt really good and could see the winner the whole race with not losing much time on her, which is good for me, I am notorius for bonking. I started intervals for the first time last week, what a difference. Jake has been trying to get me to do intervals for a year now, I guess they do work. Scott Keller got the whole shot again, but I missed the picture. Sorry dude! I have to come up with a whole shot prize. I am going to try to do Tumacacori tomorrow, people say it is the hardest road race in AZ, this nasty stair step climb, and we do 5 laps. Two days of racing will be good preparation for TBC at the end of the month, a three day stage race on the road, it will be my first big race as a Cat 3, should be interesting.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Here's a pic of Spring from the Whitetanks race, she's been training alot and gradually building her fitness. If all goes as planned she'll be unleashing some wins soon! Check out this link from the TREK webpage that Sue wrote about the 24hr race.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pics from the rattlesnake round up in Sweetwater TX.

Working on my farmer's tan for Hawaii!
I am finally off for my weekend today and tomorrow, it is weird to work all weekend and have the middle of the week off. But since I work from 1-9 PM it is great because I still get to ride in the mornings. I did the Shootout on Saturday and it was huge--I was star struck by the amount of pros out there. So it was really fast, and I got dropped, but it was still fun! Today I went to Gardner Canyon/Kentucky Camp to preride for the race this weekend, it is the closest race and I still have to drive an hour. But it was worth it, there are trees! It is a little higher up so the scenery is different then in Tucson. The course is fast and fun, we come down what I usually climb up, so it made it a whole new trail. Can't wait.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Finally got a new camera. This is your typical Texas road, perfect for training, lots of open space with very few cars. Just had a pretty brutal 3 weeks, we finished the hardest block of the whole school and I got sick at the same time. It's hard to believe how much snot your body can produce, probably several lbs. when its all said and done. I had an awesome weekend, got in a good mtb and road ride. I've been doing palatis and ab classes on base but haven't done them due to the work load and being sick, I'm anxious to start them back up this week. The rattlesnake round up was yesterday in Clearwater, it's supposedly the biggest rattlesnake festival in the world. I should have some pics soon to post. Jeff Casey emailed me a few days ago and said he's going to be in Dallas in a few weeks so we'll be hanging out, can't wait to see him. When we get together we like to drink beer and whisper.
Texas landscape
Concho River

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I got my ticket today to go to Hawaii, Yeah, I am so excited! Only $450 to fly in on the 11th of April and get there in the afternoon and then fly out on the night of the 20th. Ben and Lisa do not get in until Wed the 16th, so I made a to do list:
1. Stacey find some tickets :)
2. Jesse, Bryant, Marianne, and anyone else that is interested, I am planning on doing the HURT race on the 12th, 7 mile trail run up on Tantulus, I have not been running at all, but they are so beautiful and fun!
3. Who is up for some hikes, I really want to hike Olomana, Koko head, and the waterfall hike in Manoa, and hopefully sneak into Stair way to heaven.
4. Holomoku St. I am coming to visit all the kids and see if the house is still standing.
5. Peg get the one mans ready.
6. Jesse get your boards ready.
7. Anyone up for the beach?
I can't wait to see everyone!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Lisa came over for breakfast this morning all the way from Alaska. I fixed her my favorite breakfast, pancakes. She looks so beautiful with her long hair. She is in town planning things for the big wedding in June. She talked me into looking for a ticket to Hawaii for April 19th and 20th time frame for the Jack Johnson and Dave Mathews concert. It sold out online in 9 seconds, but they are hoping to get a ticket there. Her and Ben already have plane tickets. I am really considering if I can get a cheap plane ticket. I would love to see everyone!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Estrella Race Weekend

Scott Keller with the whole shot again. He is going to win the prize for best starts this season. I am so bad at starts, so this is huge. I got third in the race with the same two fast girls getting a couple minutes on me. But I am getting closer, as long as I am improving each race, I am happy. I am going to start some intervals now, I have the endurance, but no anaerobic capacity at all. Two weeks and then we have a local race at Gardner Canyon, which is a really fun trail, and I have never raced out there, so it will be something new.
Single Track around the mountain

Wild flowers covered the hills at Estrella.