Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I made it back from Iowa, it was a very cool experience. I woke up everyday and said "this is my job." I hammered 5 of the seven days with some great guys and the other two I ate everything in sight. Alot of cool people along the way. Thousands of riders of all sorts. Me and Kevin are heading out today for Ca, Or, Wa, Id. We will post when we get a chance.

Here are some of the Air Force people I rode with, there were 110 of us working hard.

The tradition is to dip your back tire in the Missouri River and them put your front tire in the Mississippi River at the end. These guys I hammered with the last day.

I saw this guy the first two days and after the century ride on the second day, he said his but was sore and I never saw him again. He was awesome.

We slept in tents every night and the weather was perfect most nights, nice and cool. One night a severe storm came and we had to evacuate at 2 in the morning to a shelter.

Eating a turkey leg along the way, I had to try everything once.
Having fun along the way!

Fresh corn and peaches were the best!

I got arrested for peeing in the corn.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Today I ran Pima Canyon, we have got alot of rain recently so my favorite spot was really flowing. It looks like a whole new trail when it is wet. Two more days of work and I am off for a whole month, two weeks at RAGBRAI http://www.ragbrai.org/ with riding for 7 days at 500+ miles because we add in a century ride for a fund raiser one day and 22,500 ft of climbing. I didn't even know Iowa was capable of producing that much climbing, but that is what they say. Then I meet up with Kevin the end of July and we take a road trip along the CA coast and up into Oregon to Kite board and then over to Id. Surfing in CA is at the top of my list, with lots of other exciting things we have planned. I don't have to be back to work until 18 Aug and then Kevin is home to stay...Yeah!!!

City lights and Moon Shot

I set out yesterday to ride to the top of Mt Lemmon, then I realized I didn't bring anything to eat, I made it to Windy point and took a picture of the top, it looked like it was raining on top anyways so I didn't feel so bad.

Every month I have been taking people from work outdoors, we did a hike up Mt Lemmon this time, with two guys that have lived here for over 2 years and have never been up on Mt Lemmon or hiking before. We had alot of fun!

Monday, July 07, 2008

They opened the forest in Cloudcroft NM, so we were excited to meet there for the 4th of July weekend and mountain bike. We rode the race course that they have and Rim trail, it was amazing. Then we drove to Ruidoso for some hiking around the ski slope. We hiked 10 miles from around 10,000 ft down to Ski Apache and back. Check out my first video making, needs work, but you get the idea of the beauty.