Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hard to top this last weekend
Tav and I decided to look for Kokua festival tickets on line last minute and got them. We were so excited we thought it was going to be impossible to go. Jack Johnson, Ziggy Marley and alot of talented artists played Hawaiian style. We got a hotel right by the beach and the concert so we checked out Waikiki the next day. Sunday I did a centry ride in Haliewa on the North Shore and then we spent the whole day at Waimea Bay beach. I have every other weekend off now so I have to cram two weekends worth in one. It was awesome, only thing missing was Kevin.
View from our Hotel that we got for Jack Johnson concert.
Waikiki Beach
My brother loving the water.
North Shore 100K ride.
Waimea Bay rock
Waimea Bay
Me scared the first time.
Tav not scared at all with a back flip.
After the beach we got Hawaiian ice with ice cream and azuki beans inside.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Check out my brothers lizard pictures. They love the fruit trees in the yard. He got an awesome new lens for his camera.

Some pics he took on our Mt bike ride out to Ka'ena point.
This one was after my first 4 hour ride on island and still smiling.
I miss you Kevin!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back on a bike!
I got all my bikes in the mail. It is my 2nd day in a row of commuting on my new sweet TREK Portland Kevin got me, and Broadway put it together and shipped it off to me. I love it! I get about 40 miles round trip with a 3 mile climb up Makakilo hill at the end. It is a killer but it is getting me in shape without even trying.
Our first Plumeria flower in the yard.

My brother arrived and he is roughing it. We drink wine and wear our sunglasses in the house.

Not only do I love having my brother here, he takes awesome pics too...bonus!
Our neighbors girl - Sawyer
After H.U.R.T trail running race. It was so much fun it hardly seemed like a race.

The start of the race at Tantulus lookout.

Diamond Head and Honolulu

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter - A great day for me with a race up Tantulus and the infamous Koko Head.
I was so excited to see that they had a mt. bike category for the Tantulus Hill TT because I don't have my road bike in Hawaii yet. It worked out awesome because morning showers are a usual for Manoa. Everyone was saying how cold it was and they had to wear jackets. It really was not cold, even though Tantulus had rivers running down it. One other guy was on a mountain bike and he had slicks on. I had so much fun and it was alot easier then getting up Makakilo hill with a back pack on, after a long day at work, so I guess my commuting is working.
After the Hill climb I needed to warm up from all the rain and drive a few miles east to climb Koko head. It was harder then I remember it. But good views are always a promise. Now it is time for a nap and I am so excited my brother is coming in Wed evening and will be living in paradise with me for a while. Hope you all have a great day!
The stairs up Koko Head.

Made it to the top with awesome views.

We have cactus in Hawaii, they just look like star fish.