Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mt Graham-a
I survived the 20 mile hill climb this last weekend. I have always avoided the climbing races and am trying to face them to improve. It was a mass start so it was really fun, 100+ people like the shoot out. Although like the shoot out, I got caught up staying up with the main pack until it hit me. I went backwards for a while until I caught my breath. I felt like turning around it hurt so bad, but I stuck with it. I got 3rd in the Cat 1-2 out of three so that was expected being the new girl to the category. I learned from hill climbs you have to do your own pace, race your own race, but it is easier said then done. It was very beautiful out there, with alot of awesome people. Melanie Meyers was sick, otherwise she would of won. Jess a triathlete, destroyed and she is a Cat 4. She hung with the group when I started going backward and I new she was a good runner but climbing she was even more amazing. Me and Kevin leave on Thurs evening to head up to the White Mountains for Todd's race, I am really excited it is so pretty up there. Then I fly out on Sunday for Florida.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Yoga Monday!

I told Kevin that we have to blog because it has been too long. So I kind of caught him off guard. My mom said the sandwich was looking pretty disgusting now. Tonight we made homemade pesto with our basil plant and it was so easy and delicious. It just takes pine nuts, basil, olive oil, paremesaen, and garlic of course. Today was yoga day, I am improving so much, I can do shoulder stance and hand stands without the wall. It is such an amazing and strong feeling. My favorite pose today was birds of paradise, I will take a picture of me doing it sometime it is fun. Anyway, not much new and exciting, just riding and having fun on my bike, I am better then I was last season not even trying with this bike. I am thinking of doing Mt Graham 20 mile hill climb this weekend because I have never done it, and then Tour of the White mountains is the following weekend. Kevin is taking a whole month off because he hurt his knee and saw an ortho. The doc said that he had a small tear in the cartlidge but thinks that it will heal itself so he does not have to have surgery if he stays off of it. Easier said then done!
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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Riding and Eating Good!

Grilled Chicken sandwich with Green chiles and swiss
So me and Kevin have not had the chance to post because we have been working or riding our new bikes. I don't think we have taken a break since we got our bikes, they are so awesome. We keep commenting on how good we feel because we have been eating so well and going to yoga and riding our bikes consistently. We have got some good news with renting our Hawaii house and Kevin getting a full time AGR slot here in Tucson that will secure us for a couple more years here in the desert. I am going to ride Todd's race Tour of the White Mountains and then I am off to Florida for a month for training. I heard Todd's race is going to be sweet, backward's, more single track, and a new venue. We can't wait!
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I am officially a road weenie, I went from Tri-geek shoes to white roady shoes that I can't get dirt on. I am stoked! Kevin is spoiling me. I did the Tuesday group ride for the first time this morning and usuallly the better I look the slower I go, not in this case, I made it around McCain loop with the group for the first time. It is about the bike!
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