Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kevin hangs in there after food poisoning.
A couple days before Kevins race something hit him out of no where. I got up for work at 2AM and he said he was vomiting all morning and when I got home he was still at it and he had a fever. He slept for 30 hours straight I swear, and he was finally feeling a little better. I had the same thing last year and I could never narrow down what made me sick. We ate similar foods except for the turkey sandwich, that may of been it. Anyway he wasn't very pumped to do a stage race the next day, but he did and did awesome considering. He is doing an 82 mile road race right now, while I'm trying to get all wired out on tea to go climb Mt Lemmon again. It's working but slowly:) I was suppose to work six in a row and a maintenace issue came up for one of the planes so I ended up being off today, yeah! I just layed there this morning wanting to dream because I get up at 2AM every morning and never hit that REM sleep. It was so nice!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Superior RR then to Ski Valley - Good training for Tour de Gila
I have never raced Superior before, so I was a bit scared because I heard it was tons of climbing. Yikes, and I have always been scared of the climbing races. It was a 62 mile out and back race and I have to say it was the most challenging race I have done this season. But I loved it, I hung in there longer then expected until the very end when I just did not have anymore, I saw some guys walking up the climb so I didn't feel too bad. So I started to cramp towards the end of the race when I ran out of water so my legs were rocked! I couldn't move all day yesterday. So I thought for good training I would set out to climb Mt Lemmon as far up as I could just to get some back to back days for Gila training. Gila is a 5 day stage race coming up in a month that I really want to be more of a climber for. It was a rough start but when I hit the Mt I was so amazed the grade was a bit easier then yesterday so it seemed so easy on my legs. I kept climbing and before I knew it I was past Palisades the 20 mile marker. I ran into Frank and Andy from Summit Velo and they motivated me to go all the way to the top to Ski Valley 28 miles. The last two miles were the same grade as the race so that was the hardest part, but I made it. So Kevin and I both did almost 5 hours today, he went out with a bunch of guys and did an epic star pass loop and was seeing cross eyed. I think we are crazy, but we love it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Enchilada night!
I put anasazi beans, chicken, and chilis in the crock pot while I was at work and came home and wrapped it in cooked tortillas dipped in TJ enchilada sauce, with cheese, plain yogurt, salsa and onions inside, top with cheese and olives and broil for a minute. Oh yum!
After a fun filled Sat of racing and wedding, I was so exhausted Sun and managed to climb to windy point grandma pace. Kevin had a great weekend of racing with him doing his first road race of the season, he was in a chase group with some strong guys and he was excited to be feeling some fitness coming back after his muscle and knee injury. This year will be his last year to race collegiate nationals, he will be finishing up his Master's within the next year.

Congratulations Robin and Brian! The beautiful wedding and reception was held out at the Stephen's home right at the base of the Catalina mountains. I didn't get any good pictures because it was getting dark and my camera is horrible at night.

The Gut Pluckers, featuring Dave Stephen, Jesse's Dad

Cloe and Zach at the line up for the Expert men. Cloe raced with the guys and did amazing, thank god she didn't race with the Pro women I wouldn't of won as much money:)

Bonnie got some pictures of me racing, I won $50 and got second, well there were only two of us, but still to finish this technical course with only one crash is a huge success.

Bonnie, her dog Arizona and I slept in back of the truck at Ft Huachuca. Her dog kept standing on me in the middle of the night, it was so funny.

Spring is here! A cool seed broke open outside our house.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I heart mountain biking!
Chris Kroto, the best bike mechanic in the whole world from Broadway Bikes, and I set out to do Bug Springs today. It was the perfect day, Chris kept saying "mountain biking rules" and it really does. I never smile this much on the road. I talked him into climbing up from the base of Mt Lemmon to the trail head around mile marker 11, and we kept a steady pace. I got a new fork and front tire, and Chris dialed my bike in perfect. Only one crash and alot of hesitation, because I have been doing too much road, but it was so much fun. This weekend I have a mountain bike race and Kevin is doing a TT and road race, we will hook up our schedules someday.

Chris Kroto, Bug Springs

Monday, March 09, 2009

Four days of fun....
Tucson Bicycle Classic was this weekend. We had alot of girls on our team out there so it was fun. I think it was not as challenging as Valley of the Sun, there were alot more girls at VOS so the pack seemed to move faster. I really need to get a Time trial bike to get me higher in the rankings because that is where you usually finish, the whole pack was only divided by seconds. The road race was a pack finish and no one could break away. I really wanted to get a workout for the circuit race, day three, so I worked alot and was happy to finish 5th. Each week my passion changes from road to mountain biking, to hiking, etc... I guess its a good thing that this isn't my job because when I get burnt out at something, I go to the next. Today I was so excited to be done with racing that I went to yoga and hiked when I should of been recovering...screw it!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Finally did Sweetwater today and it is sweet!!! Had an awesome crew, Todd, John, Tim, Jesse, Rob, Kyle and Mel. Spring had to work so she missed out. The trails are smooth and fast with a few slightly technical sections. Its Fantasy Islandish but better I think, highly recommended.
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