Thursday, October 18, 2012

 5 Months and one week
Finally finished midterms for my two classes this week.  A little time to breath.  I have actually learned alot being in Afghanistan and learning about Health promotion in culturally diverse locations and how to build health competence within a different culture.  I got to interview 2 Afghans about their diet and health habits.  Being here provides me a different avenue towards school that no one else has, so I feel lucky somewhat to be studying and being here in this environment at the same time.  It makes me understand where other cultures are coming from and what they have been through. 
 The Chief and I went to the airport and raced these young kids back in. It actually made my day. If they can have so much fun, why can't I.  They beat us because we turned off, as you can see by the kids face.
 Farmers market, weighing grapes in the background.
 Bikes have the right away, along with bedding.
 Raw meat hanging in the streets.

 I have this Obama head growing in the office for the elections.  Only in Afghanistan would I cut the sprout hairs, my office thinks I am crazy:)
 Running the Army 10 miler at Eggers, I think it was like 20 laps.  The best part is that most of the time I got to run with a local Afghan soldier and we finished hand in hand.

 The whole team wanted a picture with the crazy girl.
 This was the ISAF Spanish run, a little faster and harder.
 Two awesome yogi's that left this week.
 A night out in Kabul.  We had Lebanese food.  It is nice to dress up once a month and forget where you are.
 The whole team that did the Army 10 miler.
 My girl Gena after a crossfit workout.  We got so dirty, but had so much fun.  She is leaving at the six month point.  Sad that I have six more months after she leaves.
 The last of the hard core outside stretch group before we moved it indoors for the winter.  I am going to miss the only green grass at the Embassy.