Friday, October 20, 2006

Made it down to Sierra Vista to hang out with the Till's before the Bisbee 1000 tomorrow morning. Its a three mile running race that involves 1000 stairs all around Bisbee, check it out at After the stair climb race we're doing the ice man, you carry a block of ice up a flight of stairs, its an all out 30 second sprint. Before dinner Steve and I made prickly pair jelly, look for Steve Till's Very Yummy Prickly Pear Jelly at a store near you. I finally met Steve's mom and dad Pat and Jerry, there super nice and fun to hang out with. This is us before our most excellent dinner of chicken casserole and prickly pear margaritas.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Friday, October 13, 2006

Sorry I've been slacking lately with the posts, it sucks not having your own computer. I went up to Show Low for the Tour of the White Mountains last weekend. It ended up raining for several days before the event so Todd had to improvise the course alittle bit, well, really alot. The single track was way too muddy to use. After last years disaster when only 6 people finished, I think he made the right call. He decided to use the 35 mile course loop which is basically 35 miles of fire road. There would be 35 mile, 70 mile and 105 mile options. The race basically turned into a 105 mile dirt road race on mountain bikes. The race went well but it got pretty brutal toward the end. Chris Latham and I ended up breaking away on the 3rd lap for a "fun" two hour race pace rotation. I knew Chris from racing the Arizona series over 3 years ago, we hung out the night before the race so we had planned working together if it came down to it. We decided to cross the line together and tie for the win. We finished at just over 6hrs, we where both glad to be done when it was over. After the race Todd said that there can't be a tie so they came up with a plan. Chris and I would race little kids bikes around a tree and back at the awards ceremony, intoxication was encouraged, to decide who would be the "official" winner. Needless to say it was freakin hilarous, stay tuned for the video.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

I went up to the White Mountains for a few days to pre-ride the Tour of the White Mtns course I'm doing next weekend, its a 66 mile mtb race. The weather was perfect and the riding was sweet, I've done alot of the trails before but never connected them together like the course, should be fun. I got in some good camping and ate a few trout. I met a guy named John on the trail and he invited me over to his house to stay so I took him up on it. Super nice guy that offered up his house anytime Spring and I where in the neighborhood, thanks again John. My two month vacation has quickly come to an end, tommorow is my first day of work here in Tucson, I'm anxious to see what all I'm going to be doing. Spring kicked ass today in a biathlon in Baton Rouge, she won her class and was second overall female. Hopefully she's got some good pics to post. Posted by Picasa
Big Bear Lake, where I caught dinner. Posted by Picasa
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