Thursday, March 30, 2006

We cross country skied last night with head lights and it was so much fun! It was so cool that we went again this morning. There is miles of tracks, some even lit with lights right out of Ben and Lisa's back door. It was like a roller coaster, you get in these tracks and follow them up and down and around all the turns, really tricky. I think we spent more time crashing, but it was a blast. We had a killer breakfast and plan on having a big dinner and cake for Lisa and Annie's birthday tonight. Last night in Alaska so we will be partying it up! We are really excited to get back the Hawaii after they just had a million gallon sewer spillage on Oahu. Not....Wish we could stay longer what a great Spring Break.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Kevin and Spring at the Mt Healy lookout

Denali in the background


Big Moose


We just got back from our trip to Denali National Park, it was awesome. We took camping gear because we didn't know if we could get a place to stay, luckily we got a place because it was -7 this morning when we started our hike up Mt. Healy. Everything up here is gigantic, the pictures don't really show the vastness of the mountains. You can see Denali from Anchorage 150 miles away, unreal. The weather has been perfect since we've been here. Yesterday there wasn't a cloud in the sky at Denali.

Kevin and Spring with Denali in the background.

Mt Foraker, Mt Hunter and Denali (Mt McKinley)

Mt Foraker


Spring kissing the Denali ice bear

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Perfect day of skiing at Alyeska today, we're heading to Denali in the morning.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

OK, for our first full day here in Anchorage we have decided that we are not leaving. Warm and snow. This place is amazing! we all snow shoed up Hatcher's Pass and brought snow boards and sleds. It was such a beutiful day that it was not long until we had near to nothing on. Me and Kevin and Ben tried snowboarding for the first time, Kevin and Ben rocked, but I have a new respect for snowboarders, it was way harder then I thought. Tomorrow we are headed to Alyeska ski resort to have some more fun before all the snow melts. Stay tuned!
Hatcher's Pass

The group!

Laura, Kevin and Spring

We made it safely to Alaska! It was so beautiful flying over Canada and into Anchorage. Me and Kevin landed in our flip flops with snow on the ground. Thos didn't last long. We went out with Ben and Lisa to this great lunch place and drank a few beers. Then we went gear shopping to get some warm clothes. We went to see Vanessa working at this Patagonia shop and I ended up buying a very cool jacket from her. So we are ready to hit it in the morning. We are either snow shoeing or skiiing, either way we will be totally excited to be in the snow.

Look at all the snow, huge change coming from Hawaii. This is going to be the best Spring Break!
The puppies, they were so excited! Ka'ena (front) and cubby (back). We wore them out!

Ben, Lisa and Vanessa really have done a lot of work to their new place. Everything looked really great. Here you can see the kitchen wall they tore out. Fireplace and new coach in back ground with old ski's hanging on the wall. Very sweet!

The gang playing foosball, they had an awesome game room set up. We are going to be roughing it the next week. We will get some cool shots tomorrow, so stayed tuned.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Five more hours and we're off for Alaska, we're freakin pumped. Skiing and Denali National Park are at the top of our list. If all goes well we'll do so much that we'll have to crawl onto the plane on our way back, that's how our vacations usually go. We plan on taking tons of pics and posting them from Alaska so stayed tuned. Today we planted 5 Norfolk Pines (aka Captain Cook Pines) behind our side yard. They should be taller than the house in a few years.  Posted by Picasa
Captain Cook pine Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Another great weekend in the books. It actually got sunny yesterday so we managed to get in some beach volleyball and body surfing at Waimanolo, Dave even got in on the action. Friday we coated the garage floor, it turned out good. Today I was on the north shore and it was raining so hard that a foot of water was flowing over the roads all thru the sunset area, it was crazy. I got this pictures of the Koolaus from our house after it stopped raining, it kind of looks like snow capped mountains. Only 4 more days and we're off to Alaska, yeee haaaw. Posted by Picasa
Spring bodysurfing Posted by Picasa
Shiny garage Posted by Picasa
Banana update, gettin bigger. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I know you have not heard from me in a while. Kevin has been hogging the computer with all his wicked air. Well I have little to offer other then I have been enjoying my last months of school before I graduate, I have been hiking Koko Head every week and trying to enjoy all this rain we have been getting. I wanted to tell Ben and Lisa and Vanessa how excited I am for Spring break in Alaska, one more week of midterms. Marianne and Bryant I miss you guys and I am not able to post comments on your blog. Jeff and Charlotte I hope you guys are ok with all the flooding in Kaua'i. I researched into getting a bernese mountain dog, one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen, but not good timing maybe for Christmas. OK...can you tell I am suppose to be studying. See ya Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 13, 2006

I was alittle sore riding home today after the kite thrashing I took yesterday. I think we figured out how to post videos to the blog. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The wind was rippin today. The smallest kite I have is a 14 and it was way to big. I thought my day of kiting was done but a couple of guys ask me if I wanted to use one of their kites. I said hell yea and they handed me a 9m slingshot diesel, thanks. I was psyched because I'd never flown a kite this small. I can't believe how fun small kites are, every movement is so much quicker. This shot should give you an idea of how winding it was today, spring said it was at least 30ft, on a 9m, ridiculus. Thanks Spring for being my personnel photographer over last two days. Posted by Picasa
Reverse backwards upside down skull crunch. Difficulty: 0 Posted by Picasa
 Posted by Picasa
 Posted by Picasa