Saturday, July 14, 2012

Two Months & two days down in Afghanistan

 This is when we went out to the Ministry of Urban Development and they dropped us off at the wrong location, these were nervous smiles.
 Fresh fruit kind of like the Hawaii Farmers market:)
 I heard alot of bldgs were built with certain funds but remain empty.
 I hope this bldg will look like the picture.

 Afghan guard

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton came to visit the Embassy on her way to Tokyo, Ambassador Crocker and Gen Allen, ISAF Commander stand on the side.
 Friday's are surf and turf night.
 Breakfast is still my favorite with bacon.
 I found that these little Nahn date bars are the only weakness I have with Afghan food.
Without crossfit, and all the cool people, I would probably go insane here.  I am also teaching stretch-core class and spinning over at ISAF.