Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Manoa Run
I got out to Tantulus/Manoa for a nice run on Sunday. I want to do a HURT race coming up so I have been running a little, my favorite is running on the beach baywatch style with no shoes, it is so hard. I got a surf session in this evening with 50 knot wind gusts, good waves but my long board was like a sail, everyone was on short boards. I must of looked like an idiot to the locals. Tomorrow I start a 2AM shift, but that means more day light when I get off to play if I can stay awake.
Looks like I will be running instead of mountain biking until I learn these roots:)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

campfireinacan night with the neighbors
Things are starting to take form at the pad. I put a drip system in for all the trees down the hill. I actually have a table to eat at and a bed to sleep on. So what better way to celebrate then to have all my neighbors over. Even though it is not cold here the fire was nice and relaxing as we roasted marshmallows and the kids slide down the hill in the dark. I have a couple hikes planned today with people from work.

Friday, March 26, 2010

PINCH ME....I am in Hawaii
I have realized I did not take advantage of living here before. The local fruit is amazing! I can eat a papaya and pineapple everyday here.
We finally got all our furniture this week so I am living the high life.

I cut back 20 banana trees and the other trees are taking off now. We now have banana, lychee, orange, avocado, lime, pomegranate, fig, pinapple, papaya, coconut and cocoa trees down the hill.
I have been surfing at Barbers frequently because it is so close to the house. I am getting better and turning into the wave. I am looking forward to my brother being here in Apr and Kevin visiting in May. I am adding a day a week with commuting, it is about 3 hrs round trip and a great workout up Makakilo hill at the end. I love getting in shape with riding, running and surfing. I am planning for my first Hawaii race soon. Until then, Surf's up!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

After about a month of dealing with the city for permits and getting the necessary survey work done the crew is full bore on the house remodel. All new windows, add two bedrooms and one bath and stucco, pretty much going to be a new house. I realized real quick that this job was way too big for me, the only thing I'm going to attempt is the landscaping and painting the exterior. I've been working nights for the last two weeks, starting to get adapted but its still painful. It only last until May so I think I'll survive. I've been getting some pretty good midnight rides in lately, its bizarre climbing Mt. Lemmon at 2am but it keeps it exciting. Already jonesing for a good wave!
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Friday, March 12, 2010

Worth the Wait
It has been hard adjusting back to the island life. As always Kevin landed on island for a week and when he left we both could not even walk. We had so much fun hiking, surfing and just soaking up the beauty. It took me a while to realize that I am living here again and not just on vacation. Kevin is looking for a job or TDYs that he can get here as much as possible. But I miss him already and am hoping he gets here soon before I eat all the avocadoes and bananas in are yard:)

Todd, Matt, and Kevin on Stairway to heaven hike

Kev catching a 30 footer, well maybe a 3 footer.
Kailua Beach
Cul-da-sac BBQ
GQ pose at the top of stairway to heaven hike, Matt, Kevin, and Todd

Matt our neighbor showed us the hike and it is the best one on island
Kevin holding on with 40 knot winds

Olomana Hike

It was worth the 4 year wait to come back to a tree full of avocadoes
And the banana's took over I had to cut down 20 of them just to get some room for the other trees

Monday, March 01, 2010

Arrived on island after an awesome weekend in Sedona and Flagstaff
We had a blast this last weekend with mountain biking in Sedona with friends Brian and son Sam, and cross country skiing with Mel and Kyle. I can't believe I am on island again it already feels like home. Tomorrow I will hit the ground running with work and then Kevin will fly in Wed evening and we will have plenty of time to settle back into paradise.