Saturday, December 31, 2005

We made it back just in time for the New Year!! The trip was awesome, everything went as planned with no major hiccups. A few flat tires where the only problems we had but that can be expected while riding single track in Mosquite trees with no slime.

Day One: We landed at the Molokai airport Tuesday morning amped and ready to go, all our gear arrived in working order which is always a bonus. The airline, Island Air, didn't make us box our bikes so we where on the road in probably 30 minutes. We rode 7 miles to the town of Kaunakakai to get our camping permits for the next three night. We decided to put in a hard first day and ride the entire East side of the island and camp at One Ali'i Beach Park just down the road. We took off at around noon and 59 miles later returned at around 5:30. We where pretty destroyed but really happy we had seen the entire East side of the island the first day. We ate dinner, watched the sunset go down and turned in early.

Day Two: We took off at around 9:00 after a huge breakfast. On our way to Kalaupapa we ran into a cycling group from Maui that offered to carry our trailer in their support truck. We happily agreed since the trailer weighed over 50 lbs and there was around 5 miles climbing. We rode with the group to the top and checked out the view. You have to pay for a tour to actually go down into Kalaupapa and see the town. We said thanks to the group and headed west. We arrived at the West side of the island around 2:00. We where ready for some rest and relaxation. We set up camp at Papohaku Beach Park and started chillin. Our campsite was on a 3 mile sand beach with views of Oahu. The waves where big and the beach was beutiful. A perfect place to relax after 38 miles of riding.

Day Three: We rode up to Molokai ranch to hit some of the mtb trails that they had. The trails where sweet but had lots of thorns so we ended up with a few flats, luckily we had lots of tubes. At the end of the trail they had a little camp/restaurant that happened to be serving lunch, just in time. We ate so much that we barely made it back to our campsite.

Day Four: We liked lunch so much that we rode back over and ate again before our trip back to the airport. We hung out at a beach called Dixie Maru in a Lagoon similar to Ko Olina. We had the beach all to ourselves. We saw whales breaching about 1/4 mile off shore. It was definitly a kodak moment. We made it back to camp around 1:00, took showers and headed to the airport for a 5:30 flight. Dave was at the airport waiting with the vanagon, sweet.

After a good night sleep in a bed and primo surf session this morning I think where ready to bring in the new year. Bring on the Margarita's. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

This was the natural lagoons at the end of the road on the East side.
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Our first day on the island we rode over 50 miles to the East side and back. This was the water fall at the end of the road.
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Maui in a distance, lit up by the morning sun. From Molokai you can see so many of the other islands, Maui, Lanai, and Oahu.
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This is Kalaupapa, where the leper colony is. Only a few patients left, but they are treated.
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Sun setting with 10-15 foot waves. We could see Oahu in the distance from the West side of Molokai. The city lites of Honolulu flooded the sky at night. We could see so many stars on Molokai without all the lights.
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We had whole beaches to ourselves. This is where we saw big whales breeching! It was breathtaking!
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Sand Angel for Lisa and Ben, since they gave us one in the snow!
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Kevin pulled most of the weight, over 50 lbs, I really liked it because I could finally keep up with him.
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This is where me and Kevin would sit after we ate lunch!
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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Me and Kevin rode from the house along the West side and around Ka'ena Point for Christmas. Dave met us around the other side on the North Shore and we cooked chicken fajitas for our non traditional holiday. As you can see we are freezing our butts off trying to stay warm on Christmas and it was so yucky out that we were just going to stay home and eat bon-bons. But we decided to rough it and go anyway. Christmas in Hawaii is amazing! We are appriciating our last winter here. We miss everyone! Family here would of made it a cherry on top, but excited to see everyone in May. Gearing up for our trip to Molokai on Tuesday, we will be taking alot of pictures so stay tuned.....Happy Holidays!
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Me going really slow! I forgot how to mountain bike, it has been so long.
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Kevin on hill by our house!
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Merry Christmas Everyone! This is a picture of some of my family from left to right. Jordan, Justi, Mommy, Lynny! Love you and miss you guys.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

We found a new surf spot on the Westside yesterday. Conditions where perfect 4-6ft and smooth, so good we had to go back in the evening for a second session. Happy Christmas Eve!!!! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful, since there's no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! I have been singing this song alot for some reason. This is Kevin and his mom at Waimea Bay this year when she was out. We miss you, Merry Christmas Trudster!
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Sunday, December 18, 2005

There was a few people at the race today, and they say that this is a small one compared to what the season usually has. I got third overall for the short course, I think I like the longer distances better, this was only 30 min. By the time I got warmed up, it was over. Still very cool scene, cool people, and the most beautiful blue water. Monday I start my official vacation. Kevin has to work, but we are gearing up for our Molokai adeventure next week. We bought a bob trailer to hook to our bike, that will carry 70 lbs, all we need to keep our tent, sleeping bags and food with us while we are exploring. I need to start riding this week to get my butt used to sitting on a seat for a while. Kevin has been riding every day to work and back, so he will be doing circles around me, even with a 70 lb trailor strapped to him.

After my race we hung out with some good friends from Kailua, Vanessa, Hilery, and Mike, we met them through Ben and Lisa. They welcomed us after my race for a breakfast spread, it was so good. It was nice to hang out with them, we have not seen them since Ben and Lisa moved.

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Friday, December 16, 2005


It's official Sue Haywood is still alive and doing wonders for the cycling world! Kevin said that he got an e-mail from Sue, we were so excited to here from her and know that she is doing well and has a boyfriend, know wonder we have not heard from her. We are excited to go back to Tucson so maybe we will get to see her! It started out with her staying with us in Tucson to train, but now we are going to have to settle into her showing us Tucson, because she has been going there for her training. I just wanted to say Happy Holidays Sue! And congratulations on your kick ass season! We miss you!

Check out some information about her:

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Three down, one to go! Man I have it rough! :) Can't wait to relax...... (hike, bike, run, surf, and race my boat)

Monday, December 12, 2005

I talked to my good friend over e-mail today. Bonnie Bo Jangles! She is serving in the Peace Corp in El Salvador, and she is doind some great things. Well she finally gets to head back to Tucson for the Holidays and she sounds super excited. I can tell she misses everyone. I am really anxious to talk to her on the phone since we are not in Tucson to see her. Happy Hollidays Bonnie! This is a good picture of her on Na Pali Coast, when we were hiking on Thanksgiving last year. That was the greatest trip! You must do it, if you have never tried it.

I took one final today, three more to go! Me and Kevin have more adventures in store after Finals! Can't Wait!
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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Yesterday was a good day. I rode my bike to meet Spring at Kailua for her second race of the season. She'd been training hard all week plus she did a run with some of the girls from her paddling club before the race so she wasn't sure how much she'd have left for the race. Conditions where pretty rough, you could see some decent sized breaks out where they would be racing. The course was a 5 mile loop around Mok's and flat island. She had a good race and got 4th despite flipping her boat over five times. The fitness is there she just needs some boat handling practice. Once she gets that down I think she'll be hard to beat. Today is back to the grind for Spring, all day study session for finals next week. I've got a normal week working days, we probably won't see each other until Thursday night. We got our tickets for the Molokai trip so we are pretty excited. We leave on tuesday morning the 27th and come back on friday the 30th. The company we are flying with lets you roll your bikes onto the plan so we won't have to bother with building and tearing down our bikes, we'll be able to ride from the airport. Sweet!!
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