Sunday, November 26, 2006

I had an excellent Thanksgiving break, Tavis and Krissy invited me to dinner with Krissy's good friends family. They had the full spread with some great malt wine, much better than my hotel room. Thanks. I did a five hour training ride Thanksgiving morning with some guys that I met on a group ride. We rode around a section of Lake Mead, there's awesome training roads everywhere with not much traffic. I went to Lake Mojave on Friday in hopes of having good wind, that didn't happen. Looks like I won't be kiting on this trip. Saturday morning I rode Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City, check it out at It's an awesome trail system of cross-country and downhill trails. I watched some guys get huge air. Today I did a solo ride up to Mt. Potosi over by Red Rock Canyon, it's a pretty steady climb for about 9 miles up to about 6000ft. Only five more days until Spring flies into Vegas, we can't wait!

Real Big Air!

Big Air!

Campsite in Bullhead City just below Davis Dam on the Colorado River.

This is the road down to Callville Bay in Lake Mead. There's endless roads to train on around Lake Mead.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I've got a few rides in since I've been here, there's a really nice road loop thru red rock. I think I'm going to check out bootleg canyon this weekend, its supposed to be one of the best trail systems in the U.S.

Where I'll be kiting on Lake Mojave if we get any wind.

Give me a kiss!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

I made it to sin city today, I'll be up here a month for work. I'm at Spring's brothers house Tavis, hopefully we'll be able to hang out some while I'm here. I checked out lake Mojave today, its a lake about 1.5 hrs to the south of Vegas, its supposed to have the best kiting for this area, we'll see. I'm checking out the Vegas road scene tomorrow, I'm going to do the group ride in the morning. I talked to a few shops and it sounds like there's a decent cycling scene here. The last two weekends have been really good. Two weeks ago I did the Bisbee stair race, it took me six days to get recovered but it was fun. After the5k there was a short stair race called the iceman, you carry an eight lbs block of ice up 151 stairs as fast as you can. Mr Steve "Ice Man" Till crushed everyone and took home the $100 price. Last weekend I attend the bacholer party of Matt Nelson, a person I only met about a month ago but feel as if we go way back, he's definitely one of the coolest people I've ever met. This was no means a normal bacholer party, it involved riding mtb's from Kentucky Camp on the Arizona trail to Patagonia, camping that night then hiking from camp up to Mt Wrightson and down Madara Canyon. I ended up shuttling a vehicle to the other side of the Santa Rita's and coming up Madara Canyon. The joke of the weekend was how we always started out late or modified the plans but for some strange reason everything just kept working out. Hopefully my room has internet connection so I can keep you up to date with the vegas adventures, I'll find out tomorrow.
Mt Wrightson getting the last bit of light as the sun goes down.
The top of Mt Wrightson looking north toward Tucson.
Steve "Ice man" Till on his way to crushing the field in Bisbee.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Todd delivering ice. Posted by Picasa
Me running ice up the stairs. Posted by Picasa