Friday, April 12, 2013

11 Months ago today....I landed in Manas, scared, young, and naïve.
 I can't believe I have less then a month to go in Kabul.  The first couple months I was in shock that I would have to live here for a year.  After 11 months, I have grown as a person and am so thankful I have had this experience.  Today we joined together to workout together for a fallen hero that worked here at the Embassy, Anne.  She was an amazing person and only 25 when she lost her life.  I am so appreciative of how many wonderful people I have known since I have been here.  This last month is all about absorbing what I have learned over the year, appreciate the little things that really have made me the person I am today, and be with amazing friends that I have made while being here.

I am teaching stretch back in the Courtyard as the weather warms in Afghanistan.
 St Patty's with friends.
 Jazz Night in Kabul.
 New ISAF Commander, Gen Dunford.  I am finally the one that has been here the longest, with all new faces.