Sunday, August 12, 2012

1/4 of the way down in Afghanistan
My new body guard Brian that went to the Ministry of Finance with me.
My civilian colleagues Carolyn and Dean
My first real Afghan was yummy
My old boss Colleen's going away with Lebanese fav
Out on the town
bikes hanging along the river walk

The whole LEMB group with Ambassador Crocker and Gen Allen.  I moved offices in with other military members because we lost two positions.  So now I will be wearing the uniform full time and coordinating Ramp ceremonies at Bagram and working on Afghan visa's and passports.

Me and the crew on the way to Bagram

 I was so excited to see Kabul in the distance.  It was my first time leaving since I got here.

The Ambassador's and Gen flying behind us.

We got to land and take off at the ISAF soccer field. 
USAID members departing the plane, very sad that they lost someone from thier team.
 Other then work, I eat alot of pizza over at ISAF with my friends from CAST training.
 I get to see Arizona and Hawaii only in big pictures up on 20ft wall, they thought it would help morale, but I think it makes me miss home more.

I am still doing cross fit, and we have another competition coming up in a few weeks.

I have been teaching a stretch core class in the grass in the morning, and spin classes in the evening.
 I am trying to get a six pack before my time is up here.  I start two Masters classes in nutrition and health promotion in a week so that will limit my working out to maybe only twice a day:)  Miss you all!