Monday, April 27, 2009

Whiskey 50 Mountain bike race
We had so much fun in Prescott this weekend. Todd Sadow put on an amazing race this year with the race course marked perfectly, the sag stops loaded down with goodies, and Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers played after the race. Kevin and I got the best camp ground less then a mile away that we could just ride our bikes from. We both felt like we had good road fitness but the technical skills were a bit lacking from not riding our mountain bikes. We both couldn't wait to get on the fire road from skull valley which I usually dread the most. Kevin got 12th with a really competitive guys field, Scott Keller getting second right behind Jay Henry, amazing. I got 5th which I was happy with going into Gila with atleast feeling good on the climbing portions even if the down hills were a little sketchy:) We got to hang out with our good friends Austin and Heather, Austin got 12th in the 25 mile race and Heather helped Todd with the race. I got to ride with there amazing kids the day after the race Avery and Addison, we had so much fun, they are teaching me how to jump. We have so much going on, we close today and get the keys to our house tomorrow, and I leave for Gila in the morning. Kevin is the lucky one that will move us this time:) We are so excited!
Downtown Prescott had a variety of people at the concert, only the classiest cars.

Addison and Heather enjoying the concert.

Avery is an amazing mountain biker, and I think he is 8. I did this jump and almost wrecked and looked like a total beginner.

I got great pictures of the boys going through water, this is Addison.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I just spent a week in Virgina for work so I took a couple extra days of leave and Mom, Dustin and Darin drove down. It was an awesome trip, Darin loved his new bike, we got a sunny day at the beach and we saw lots of wildlife and Navy ships.
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Darin at a statue at VA Beach, it got cold and windy Sunday evening.
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Darin is about to lose his first tooth.
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The weather was terrible until everyone showed up on Friday, we lucked out and got an 80 degree beach day on Saturday.
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Darin and a snake.
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Darin and a shark.
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We got Darin a new bike while we were in VA.
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Sweet Sunset
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Monday, April 20, 2009

Arizona Crit Championship

Jessica Munson, the cute pregnant one below, sent me these pictures of our D4W Specialized team, me, Mel and Angi and the next one is almost our whole team. We just got our new jerseys, it was like Christmas, we got helmets, glasses, jerseys, shorts, skin suits, pink arm warmers and vests. I love this team, Maggie my teammate and manager does such a great job

Yesterday was crazy, I got off a 12 hour night shift and headed to Phoenix for a 50 min Crit race. My friend Judy drove because I probably would of crashed. The race was crazy with a few girls going down and two of my team mates. Kathryn went down in 180 degree turn that was in the race and Carrie went down in the Cat 4 race. Erica drove up with Judy and I and was feeling good in the race. A girl from another team crashed right in front of me in the last corner. I prepared to go down and unbeleivably I jumped over her rear wheel, it was crazy, I am glad I am a mountain biker. Erica on the other hand was not so lucky and got taken out in that same corner. She skinned her face up pretty good, but no broken bones. I don't know about these crits, the last two races people have gone down and I hate it, it is hard to continue after you see it. Anyway I think I finished 3rd or 4th but more happy about not crashing. Kevin gets home this evening and we are preparing for Whiskey 50 mountain bike race this weekend and then I leave for Tour de Gila. Should be fun, and then I am done racing for a while, I can start running again, I can't wait.

Angi and Jess trying to stay cool in almost 100 degree temps in Phoenix yesterday.

Kipp taking care of Erica on the U of A team after another girl took her out in the last corner. Her face was skinned up and chipped a couple teeth.

Sadly, Carrie went down in the Cat 4 race and hurt her sholder, but she was still smiling, no broken bones. I think she was smiling because the drugs kicked in.

Mel and Chris hanging out after the Crit, Erica in the back getting cleaned up.

A small group broke away early in the Pro/1 race, Paul Thomas and JR end up holding it for first and second.

Paul Thomas got 2nd in the Pro/1 race.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sweet Water Preserve

Molly and I went out to sweet water today for my first time. It was a beautiful day with a cool breeze and no one else on the trail, we had it all to ourselves. It was very fun, we talked the whole time and caught up, perfect for a recovery day. Kevin is in Virginia until Monday and gets to see his family before he leaves. We got snow on Easter up on Mt Lemmon so I had to climb to the top to see was cold, Kevin has all the snow pics on the laptop with him, but I am sure most of you are used to seeing snow, we just don't get it very often. I am working two more days of 12 hour nights, they are so hard to adjust to. Sunday morning after I get off shift I will drive up to Phoenix to do the State Crit Championships, that should be fun, if I don't fall asleep during it.

Friday, April 10, 2009


I can't believe it is already Friday, we had an awesome last weekend with the U of A Crit on Saturday, Kevin got second and I got fourth with one of my good friends Mel going down within the last lap and all of us girls where right behind her ready for the sprint. I hate crashes, especially when it is a team mate. Sunday was Tumacacori with Kevin taking 5th with 12 hard laps of climbing, he did so amazing all weekend, and he is really coming on strong. I took sixth just hanging in the group until the 6th lap when they gapped. Me and Mel rode the last two laps together, after her crash the day before, I was so impressed. Coming out of a climbing race I am always more motivated to climb. I am on my third of five days of climbing trying to get ready for Gila in a few weeks. Kevin and I climbed up Bug Springs yesterday and it was the most perfect day. The house is on schedule for us to close by the end of the month so we are getting excited. We already have been shopping around for appliances and kitchens. Pictures to follow once it is actually ours:)

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Eating good and recovering!
Kevin and I have been actually riding together this week. Short and easy rides, with him recovering from his race weekend and for me a forced recovery, with my body telling me I had to take this week off, although I had some hard workouts planned, I had to listen to my body. Kevin and I are pretty excited we are in the process of buying a house with a guest house less then a mile from the U of A. The inspection is tomorrow and we should close by the end of the month if it all goes well. Kevin had an assignment in class to crunch numbers and prove a good investment and he did this house that we are buying. It was the first assignment he did not wait until the last minute, I love seeing him excited about a house. After he gets done with his Masters in business he is going to be a realtor part time, he will be awesome. We are both racing the same races this weekend, with the U of A Crit on Sat and Tumacacori on Sun, should be fun.