Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I never thought I would use the word epic and Texas in the same sentence but I'm going to have to to describe this past weekend in Corpus Christi. I had big expections for my weekend of kiting and cycling and it didn't disappoint. I got out of town early friday morning and rolled into Corpus around 3:30. I was super psyched because I hadn't kited since I left Hawaii about two years ago. I had seen good things about Corpus in kiting magizines so I had been planning on going down for awhile. I rolled up on the beach and it looked like perfect conditions with several kiters out, sweet. I get my 10m out and start pumping only to realize one of the valves on the bladder had came loose due to sitting for the past two years. I was bummed but knew I could probably fly my 14m. I get it out and start pumping, sure enough two valves where bad on it. At this point I wasn't a very happy camper but knew it was my fault since I didn't check my equipment before I came down. I asked around about shops in town to see what time they opened, 9am, no problem I still had plenty of time to kite. The rest of the evening I completly relaxed, drank a few beers on the beach and ate some good seafood. I had planned on camping on the naval air station all weekend but I found out you can camp right on the beach, perfect!! I found a sweet spot and chilled. I woke up the next morning to make the group ride at 7:30. I missed the start but hooked up with the group later, I met tons of cool people and got a good 45 miles in. After the ride I headed over to the kite shop. As I was in the shop I started talking to a few people and then met a guy named Matt, his wife Lorainne and there 3 year old daughter Clarissa. Matt heard that I was camping all weekend and invited my to stay with them if I wanted, we exchanged numbers and went on our way. I roll to the kite spot and start fixing, 5 valves later the kites are fixed, good thing I bought extras. Then disaster struck, as I was blowing up my 10 a bladder exploded, end of story for my 10 for the rest of the trip. I was really bummed because I was afraid the wind was going to pick up and I wouldn't be able to use my 14. The wind ended up being perfect all day and I got in one of the sweetest kiting days I've ever had, I couldn't believe how quickly it came back. As I was packing up, I check my messages and Matt had called. I gave him a call back and soon I was off to his house for dinner, shower and air conditioned bed to sleep in! So after thinking my trip couldn't get any better it quickly did. We ended up going to see some awesome live music, I did the group ride again the next morning and rode from Matt's house, we kited about three hours that evening using his kites, watched the Giro and they cooked me an unreal shrimp dinner that night. It was ridiculous!!!!!! Thanks again you guys, I couldn't have had a better weekend. The plan is Corpus again over the 4th.

As if that wasn't enough there was chapter two of the weekend. My buddy Jesse from Alaska called me on Saturday and he just so happened to be in San Antonio. He had already been there for a little while for Combat Rescue training but this weekend he had a little free time, imagine that, I was heading through San Antonio on my way home it was perfect. I hadn't seen him since I left Hawaii so we where long over due, I rolled in at about 1pm and we hung out for a few hours. It's always awesome to hang out with Jesse because we're both freak shows when it comes to fitness so we always feed off each other. He's in the early stages of CRO training, it's basically the most intense training the AF has to offer. Every type of fitness and training you can imagine while getting kicked in the nuts for 9 weeks. Jesse's 32 years old and he said he's considered the old man of the class, it's funny how the old guy of the class is the biggest bad ass in the class. How does that work???? He said they started with 91 guys two weeks ago and they're already down to 61, if 20 guys are left at the end that will be alot. When he's done he'll be rescueing people off of Denali on a regular basis. Keep kicking ass down there, it'll be over in no time!!!!!

Up next, meeting Spring this weekend for some cycling in the mountains in Cloudcroft NM, bring on the trees!!!!


This spots called Laguna, I kited here on Sunday. It's a local couples backyard, seems to be kiting headquarters for Corpus Christi.
This spots called Wildcat, I kited here on Saturday.



Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cactus Lovers

I hiked out at Pima Canyon this evening, trying to relax as much as possible, it is hard after I have been so active. I am hooked on Yoga again. Here are some cacti for those who don't get to see them daily. Kevin should have some great pics of kite boarding in the Gulf when he returns home from his 3-day break.

Cactus giving the Shaka!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I miss my mommy already!

I finally have a few days off work. Wow it seams like I have not had a weekend to relax in a while because all my racing. I only have one more race the beginning of June and then I will be trail running more because I miss it. I accomplished my goal this year of getting my upgrade to Cat 2 on the road and Pro mountain biker, that is the easy part, now my goal next year is not to get last. I will apply for the Armed Forces Team in Aug and hopefully get picked up with a little bit of sponsorship. My mom came out for a few days and we had alot of fun. She pinned my 1Lt bars on me. It was my first promotion/raise since I commissioned. We drove up to Flagstaff for the State finals mountain bike race. We got a nice A-frame cabin for the night. Flagstaff is beautful for the last race, although the course was not marked well and Jill and I got lost on the preride and I was hoping to have better luck during the race. Well I missed a lap and came in at 2 hours and the next girl came in at 3 hours. Two of us girls got lost, and lots of others, all well it made me realize that MBAA is not the goal I should be setting, they have disappointed too many times. I will just use those races next season for preparation for ones I have not done. I have been feeling good on the bike since Gila and have not had a chance to unleash and it is slowly fading. I think I peaked for a group ride and that was it:) Better planning next season I hope, it is all building me up to be a better cyclist which I have really enjoyed. I get to meet up with Kevin next weekend in El Paso and we are going to try to find some mountains to climb, I can't wait.
My mom went on to Vegas to see my brother Tav and girlfriend Krissy.
My mom got to pin me on to First Leutenant. Big Money!!!!
The two girls I battled with all season for top 3.

Warming up before the race
Jill, Bryan and I preriding in Flagstaff

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Storm over Everest tonight on PBS, looks worth checking out!


I read this in the newspaper this morning and I don't have a TV so let me know if it is good.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Had a short but sweet weekend. I drove 8 hrs to meet Spring on Friday night, got to the campsite at midnight. It was definitely good to see her, it's been too long. We had an awesome weekend, we actually got to hang out and relax at the campsite since the crit was at 8 in the morning and done by 9. That's pretty rare for us since we're usually rolling into camp late at night. Spring had an awesome 4 days of racing, she's definitely at a new level of fitness. I've got a feeling she's going to have a good state championship mtb race next weekend. Here's a video of the crit, she finished 6th. I got to ride about 50 miles of the Gila course, it felt good to be climbing again. I think I climbed more in that ride than I have in all the rides combined in the past 4 months. I'm almost 2/3 of the way done in TX, can't wait to get home. I'm staying super busy with school and riding my bike, it definitely could be worse.

Spring throwing down in the crit, she's just left of center in the picture.
Awesome section of the course climbing up to Pinos Altos

Campsite at 7000ft in the pines!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Gila Monster
Well I guess I survived two of the hardest stage races that I have ever done. I stayed pretty consistent until the last day known as the Gila Monster, a five hour road race on the last day of a 4 day stage race. I made it around with the group until the last climb with 15 miles remaining and then you hit a switch back climb. Ouch...I ran out of water and almost didn't make it until a Pro sag car gave me a bottle. I lost alot of time but still ended up 11th in the GC. The hardest part wasn't the five hour race, it was getting back to only have about an hour left to spend with Kevin until he headed back to TX. We had alot of fun together while it lasted and he took some pics, so hopefully he will post some when he gets back. I know all this road racing has to make me stronger but for now...I miss my mountain bike.