Saturday, April 28, 2007

I'm almost back home, just a few more airports and I'll be there. I had a great time in WV, spent most of my time hanging with family and saw lots of good friends I hadn't seen forever. The highlight was seeing Darin, the last time a saw him he was less then a year old, he's four now and he's nonstop. Dustin and I got a lot done with the Jewel, thanks to Brandon and Torren it has a sweet new roof. Mom, we gotta start planning your next trip out west, we'll wait a few months for it to cool off in Tucson. Get me on a bike, its been two weeks I'm going crazy.
The Ohio river in Ravenswood.
Hawaii flashback.
Me, Darin and Grandma on the swing. We broke it last time I was in.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

My friend Doug sent me this picture from the beautiful Payson Race last weekend, I won, but as you can see I was the only one in my group. Don't tell anyone:) Anyway, Kevin is having fun in West Virginia with family, should be posting something soon. I rode Reddington today and hooked on to a new part of Arizona trail, it was sweet. May is our last month of MT Bike races and then I am looking into doing some of the XTERRA's, one in Show Low in June, and the ones in Hawaii in Aug and Oct hopefully, still have to talk Kevin into it, it won't be hard. Stay tuned for Kevin's pics.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'm on stop #2 of my three stop trip. I made it to Shreveport LA on monday, would post a picture but I couldn't find anything exciting to take a picture of. I saw two guys that I used to work with, Jason and Tom, it was good to see them. I'll be flying out of St. Louis tomorrow and headed to South Carolina then on to WV on friday night. We've got big plans for the Pacific Jewel, that's what me and Dustin call the house we got. Brandon and crew are putting a new roof on it today and we'll be gutting the bottom so that we can install new drywall.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another beautiful day in Tucson, not a cloud in the sky and still 75-80 degrees on my ride up Mt. Lemmon.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

We went to Payson this weekend for the 4th race of the MBAA series, we where pretty psyched to finally get out of the desert for a race and see some pine trees and climbing. We had never been to Payson so that made the trip even more exciting. The course ended up being fun but the first 10 miles or so where fire road so it was pretty much a road race on mtb's. My race was once again going well until a group of four of us (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th) missed a turn as we we're bombing down some fast technical downhill, we realized we where lost when we got to the bottom of the hill. We searched around for the trail but couldn't find it so we rode 8 miles on the first paved road we found back thru town, good times, two races in two weeks with two DNF's. That's probably one third of all DNF's I've ever had, hopefully I've got them out of the way for a while. Spring's race went well, she was the only one in her age group so she raced against two pros and two older girls. I've got a pretty busy next two weeks, I'm flying out today for a whirlwind work trip. I'll be in Louisiana, Illinois and South Carolina all in 5 days then I'm flying to West Virginia to visit the family for a week on friday, should be fun. I haven't been to WV for over 3 yrs so I'm looking forward to it. I'm taking the laptop and camera so I'll keep you posted.
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This is the Salt River NE of Phoenix, you usually don't us fly fishing and Phoenix in the same sentence but it's possible.
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Four Peaks
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Fun we had on the way back. Luckily nobody was hurt and we only had to wait for about 30 min, we thought we where going to be there for 3 hrs.
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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Spring and I did the group ride this morning then went and watched the crit the U of A cycling team hosted, it was nice to be a spectator for a change. Here's a picture of my boy Jake powering the 3 man break that got away, he ended up scoring a second but was able to win the big money prem. You da man!!!! Posted by Picasa
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I found the hobby I'm going to do when I'm 90 and too old to ride a bike! Posted by Picasa
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Monday, April 02, 2007

We made it back from the norba national yesterday, it was a huge event with tons of good racing. Spring had an awesome race and got 5th, she's going to be soo fast when she gets her new bike. My race was going well until I ripped the sidewall of my front tire, I would have been fine but I gave one of my CO2's to a guy on the first lap so when I went to pump up my tire and it leaked out again I was done. The morale of the story is don't give your CO2's away during a race. The McDowell course doesn't like me anyway, I flatted doing the exact same national back in 2003, oh well. On the way home we stopped by the Stephen's to catch up, eat, drink and be merry. It was good to see everyone and catch up with Jesse when he's in town. Posted by Picasa
Sue ragin on her new bike and new jersey, red and white on the right. She got third in the cross country, in really hot Arizona conditions. Your awesome Sue!  Posted by Picasa
Spring and I getting our FJ cruiser picture so that we can get a free multitool. Posted by Picasa