Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kevin went to NM without me because I was so tired after 6 days of midshifts that all I could think about on Friday was sleeping. After a full night sleep I got on my Mt bike and rode 2.5 hours and then decided to knock down a wall. What? I do these things and I am not sure why sometimes. After I pulled all the wires out of the wall, I thought I should go to an electrician class at home depot to learn how to put them all back together again. I even crawled up into the attic to pull the wires up, it was 200 degrees and I can't stop itching (probably shouldn't wear shorts) Anyway tomorrow I won't be able to move so I am posting now. Electricity tomorrow...Yikes:) Don't worry mom, the first thing I learned is to turn it off:)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More cacti....
I know your proabably sick of seeing cactus pictures, but even cacti look good when the sun is setting out at Starr Pass. I made a rule only mountain biking for me for a while. The last mountain bike race of the season was awesome. Probably the best race that MBAA has put on, people were at every turn and it was well marked with lots of single track. I was pretty sketchy on the down hills but held on to second, which I was happy with next to speedster Sara and Jen and Christina were close behind. It was so fun! I am on a midnight to 8AM shift which is killing me, but to mix it up I will go run at 2AM when no one is up, it is really quiet. Starr Pass is less then a 30 min bike ride to the trail head from our new house so we hit that in the evenings often, there are so many trails out there that you can never get sick of it. We get our cabinets today, and still doing final touches on the main house. We are finally ready to relax with a trip to Albequerque this weekend for Jesse's graduation and then to Big Bear Lake for 4th of July weekend.
Blurry, but me, Sara and Jen

Friday, June 12, 2009

The birthday boy has been hard at work on the house while I took a break and headed up to Flagstaff this weekend. Kevin couldn't come because he works all weekend. He is accumulating more power tools for the house and has tried his hand in electricity, plumbing, and wood working, and has not blown anything up yet. But I still can't get him to put a shirt or shoes on. I guess he thinks he still lives in Hawaii:)
It is so nice up in Flagstaff this time of year, and the course was beautiful preriding today. I am a little rusty on the technical sections with one ride on my mountain bike, but I am perma smile the whole time.
Should be a fun, lots of single track!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Back on the mountain bike
This weekend was the last road race of the season, yeah! I have to say I went into this last race pretty burnt out riding road and really anxious to get back on the mountain bike. I was happy with the last 60 mile climbing race because although I wasn't with the best climbers, I felt pretty good on the climb and I feel my climbing is slowly coming around, one of my main goals of the season. Kevin and I hit a fun new trail near Starr Pass called Robles Pass, alot of fun. So I am so excited to be back on the dirt. We are getting closer on the house we should have some final pics this week.
We had fun going through the under pass of Ajo rd.
Jon after the state RR giving me his best solute in my camo hat.