Thursday, February 25, 2010

Last week in Tucson...I am going to miss this place!

Since we are all packed up and no work the last week it has allowed for more play time. I have been trying to hit all the trails I havn't done in a while, visit with friends and go to yoga. For my last weekend Kevin and I decided to head north to get my fill of snow before I head to the tropics. We are going to ride Sedona and ski in Flagstaff, then off to Hawaii on Mon.

Mel and I hit Starr Pass yesterday, it was so beautiful.

4 hours out at AZ trail.

Molly & Rob, Jon & Jess cooked us dinner and I brought cupcakes with nutella. Gooey mess...perfect for the kids. Rayce and Noah are great boys.

Catalina State Park
to 50 year trail loop.

Sweetwater Trail system.

Monday, February 15, 2010

24 Hour Surprise!

I ditched VOS after the road race because I didn't have a smile on my face the whole time. I guess I am ready for the Hawaii ocean because racing made me not only scream from the pain but from the pure bordem. So I called my friend Heather and told her I was going to surprise Kevin at the 24 and she got me to his camp without him knowing, it was awesome. I was so glad I left and got to feel the vibe as a spectator at the 24 hour race, I have never got to do this because I am always racing. Todd has done it again it was amazing. I was smiling the whole time. Driving in I got to see all the lights around the course, it was so cool.
Heather took the mojority of these pics with her new SLR camera. She was convinced by the
boys to stay the night while the boys quickly fell asleep on an outdoor couch. She is the best mom and sport ever. Needless to say I had the best weekend with Kevin and my friends and was not sad at all I did not do the Crit on Sun.

Cirrus Visual 10 person Corp. team took 2nd!
Kevin on his last lap.
Austin with a smoking lap time on his single-speed.
Kevin going out on his 2nd lap at midnight.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

VOS and 24
My last road race in Tucson! Let the pain begin! Kevin was smart and signed up for a 10 man 24 hour team so he rides maybe two laps with beer in between. Picture stolen from drunkcyclist. I am going to try and have a smile on my face the whole time.