Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1/2 Way Baby!
We got to hike to the top of my first mountain in Afghanistan.

                                And shoot our M9's, M4's and 50 Cal's
     Looking from the top of the mountain we climbed
 Hiking makes me happy, I am have not been this happy since I have been in Afghanistan.

 The Kabul Circus came to the Embassy.  Not what I expected, but a good show.
 My girl Gena that I went through CAST training with left Afghanistan after six months.
 A Night out in Kabul, Thai food and good music with my friends.
 My awesome Nato Spin class over at ISAF, Italians and Germans happy to work hard
 Military L/EMB Charlie's Angels.  I work with the coolest group of people.
Italian Pizza at the ISAF NSE - All the Italians from my spin class fed me lots of pizza.
 Gunny and I flying high on a black hawk.

 View over Kabul.
Kabul is way bigger then I thought.
 Driving through the streets of Kabul.

 Michelle and I pre-Marine Birthday nonball.  This was a fun night with friends.
Next week we play the women's Afghanistan National soccer team.  I have only been to two practices and they want to put me as goalie.  Bad Idea...we might lose big time:)
Next month will probably go by fast with a TDY to Poland to escort 23 Afghans.  I am so excited, my first time away from Afghanistan.  By the time I return I will be over 7 months and will be off to New Zealand shortly afterward.  These last months hopefully will fly by.  Miss you all, Happy Holidays!