Friday, August 29, 2008

Just got these new machines today, Spring's weighs in at 15.0 lbs. and mine is 15.1lbs, Ridiculus!!! I told Spring that they didn't have any left in her size so she didn't even know she was getting a bike when we went to pick mine up, the whole shop was in on it, it was awesome! Thanks Broadway Bikes, you guys are kick ass as always!!!!!

Here's some more pics from our trip, this shot is from Schweitzer ski resort. We showed up on a wednesday evening to ride and found out that there was a mtb time trial starting in an hr, we did it and had a blast. We met tons of new people from the local cycling scene. We're finally back into the home groove, I started back in my MBA program last Tuesday. I feel like I missed alot but I think I'll be fine in a few weeks. I managed to take two classes while I was gone so I only have to make up 4, I guess that's better than 6. We've been getting awesome storms here lately, only a month or so of heat and it'll be perfect until next May.

Here's some pics from our land

Here's where we camped when we where in Sandpoint, this lot is two lots up from ours on the top of the mountain.

Oregon coast
Big tree

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This is a video of Kevin on I think my #1 single track of all time. It ends at a water fall 1/4 mile from Canada, and starts just north of Priest Lake in Id. There were bridges that would twist and turn like burms and over streams, through ancient cedar trees, amazing.

We saw a couple moose where we were camping.

Warm up of 15 miles before the Hiawatha trail.

My mom and two sisters, Justi and Lynn

Kevin taught my nephew Jordan how to catch his first fish. Then we floated down the Snake river.

My sister Justi & Michael took us frisbee golfing "frolfing" for the first time, it was a blast.

My mom had a great idea to get the whole fam dam together and bike the Hiawatha trail, it is a rails to trails through tunnels as long a 2 miles and over old bridges, it was very beautiful and I think this is the longest that most of my family have ever rode together.

Monday, August 18, 2008

We finally made it back from vaca. Bummed we have to go back to work. After 35 days off, I could do this for a living. We stopped by Santa Cruz first, not knowing what to expect and we started our vacation camping by sweet single track in Redwoods, see below. Then we went through Redwood National Forest with some great mountain biking. Hood River next in Oregon to check out the kite boarding scene, and then over to Sandpoint Id, where we checked out our land and got a feel for the area as a Local. We are even more excited about that place. Then we went to Coeur d' Alene to camp with my family and ride bikes together. We had an amazing time. We have so many great pictures, I have to ease into it, I will post more pictures later after my nap...I am still on vacation until tomorrow:)

Riding through Redwood National Park, there were some great trails for mountain biking.

Ca coast along the Redwood National Forest, we had the whole beach to ourselves.

Kevin riding with some elk in Red wood National Forest on the coastal trail.

Lake Pend Oreille

Lake Pend Oreille in Sandpoint Id.

Friday, August 08, 2008

We're in Idaho roughing it!! We've done some of the sweetest singletrack ever, we can't wait to retire up here. Our connection sucks here so we're going to wait to post more when we get a better one, we've got some sweet pics. We've got a week left, its going too fast.
Priest Lake