Sunday, June 26, 2011

I love SUP with Coco
After an awesome group ride this morning my brother and I headed to the North Shore for some calm waters and some stand up paddling. This is one of my new favorite things to do with Coco. I got a board for Kevin for his birthday, really for me, but don't tell him. Coco always starts out between my legs and then by the end she ventures out to the tip of the board. So fun!

Let's see if tomorrow tops today with a Mt bike ride at Peacock Flats and a surf session in the afternoon. Kevin might slip in a four day visit next week for the holiday, I am crossing my fingers. Thanks for taking the pictures Tav.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Never felt so good.
Kevin and I have been eating awesome lean meats/fruits and veggies, and we both rave about how good we feel. Here's a new favorite zuccini lazagna. I stuck a steak filet and spicy chicken sausage in a food processer because I did not have ground hamburger. Added onions, garlic, portabella's, olives and diced tomatoes. Simmered with oregeno, basil, from the garden. Sliced the zuccini into noodles and layered. You can add cheese but I just added some to the top, and bake. Yummy!

This is our view from the trail by our house that I take Coco every night, its awesome no leash so she can run and pick up sticks along the way.

I love weekends, Sat group ride, stand up paddle board with Coco, surf, mountain bike, trail run, triathlon race, trail run, not sure how I will fit it all in. I see Kevin and my family in two weeks in Idaho, I can't wait.