Monday, February 27, 2006

Had another awesome weekend, we got a surf in yesterday and finished it off today with a hike and some good food. Originally we where supposed to hike Mt Kaala but off course it was raining like the last time we attempted it so we decided to do Kolekole pass. I don't think we did the original trail we had planned but we ended up going up a nice ridgeline and summiting where we could see the Waianae coast, Diamond Head and the Koolau's all at one time. Earlier this week I randoming found out that Stacy and John, a friend of mine from back home that I graduated high school with and her husband were going to be on Island, they live in Florida. We figured that we hadn't seen each other for probably 14 yrs. We hung out and had lunch together, it was good to see Stacy and met her husband, good people. Posted by Picasa


Blogger Lisa and Ben said...

Those are some great shots you guys put up. Must have been a really great hike! There sure are lots of undiscovered trails up in that area aren't there... Man the surfing sounds great! Take some epic shot of that soon! We just got a good snow so I have been getting in some skiing, gotta love the fresh powder!


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